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We are pleased to offer you the latest and greatest in 3D imaging systems with the Pax - Reve3D

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PaX-Reve3D provides the most precise and high quality panoramic image by innovative imaging process and accumulated experience in dental imaging from and patient satisfaction.


Three different cephalometric image sizes reduce unnecessary X-ray dosage and scans the ideal area of cranial anatomy for your diagnosis and treatment planning.

Our imaging center provides low radiation three-dimensional Computerized Tomography (3-D CT) images to the dental and medical community utilizing the overwhelmingly popular I-CAT Cone Beam CT scanner. This new and exciting technology will enable doctors to obtain high definition, 3-D CT scans of their patients' maxilla and mandible. The scan time is approximately 20 seconds and is very patient-friendly in an upright-seated position similar to a standard panoramic procedure. We will provide referring doctor with either a CD-ROM or printed copies of the data. This 3-D data can be utilized for:

  • Dental implant planning
  • TMJ studies
  • Bone grafting evaluations
  • Sinus and Airway studies
  • Impacted teeth evaluations
  • Orthodontic studies
  • Oral path/reconstruction studies
  • Endodontic studies

The level of radiation exposure with this technology (34-68 uSv) is much lower than your typical medical CT scan (1200-3300 uSv) or full mouth series x-rays (150 uSv).

For those interested in taking this technology a step further, Advanced Head and NeckImaging will help you navigate the world of computer-guided implant surgery. The CT scans we provide are easily imported into third party dental implant planning software such as: Nobel Guided Surgery™, Simplant™, and VIP/Implant Logic Systems™. The software listed allows you to precisely plan an implant case prior to surgery, avoiding regional anatomy, measuring bone width pre-operatively, order surgical drill guides and even generate a provisional or final prosthesis if desired.

For orthodontic cases, we are fully equipped to provide the following for case planning and presentation:

  • Intra- and extra-oral photos
  • Lateral cephalogram
  • Panoramic image
  • High-quality study models

This is ideal for Invisalign™ or Orthoclear™ cases, before and after esthetic cases, or dentists and orthodontists wanting to improve office efficiency with outsourcing orthodontic records. Integration with orthodontic imaging and practice management software such as Dolphin™ is easy as well.